Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Following Me During GenCon

I've been considering joining the 21st Century phone-wise for a while.

As my wife and I are on T-Mobile, I had a number of choices.

I did my homework, and read up on a number of them. After a very short time, I decided I wanted a full keyboard, which eliminated some of the Blackberries and most of the Windows Mobile-based phones.

After a bit more research, I eliminated any Windows Mobile phones from contention - the OS just feels clunky and unfinished according to most reviews I've seen.

So it was down to something from Blackberry or the T-Mobile G1.

This blog is (believe it or not) a priority for me.

See, I'm not taking my laptop to GenCon this year. Last year, I hauled my Laptop and my Camera as my Carry-One and Personal Item. Technically the laptop was too long to qualify, but the airlines let it slide. I don't feel like pushing my luck this year. This means I can't easily blog from GenCon.

As the G1 is so tightly integrated with the user's Google account, it seemed the best choice, so I mentally wishlisted it and moved on.

My wife purchased one for me as an early birthday present.

But the G1 is Google-infused to a ridiculous amount! It has Google Talk and my Gmail and ...

... no official blogger app?

There are a few third-party apps which may work for me, and I'm looking at them. I can also use the web interface.

But it means that you are probably better off following my Twitter feed than this blog while I'm at GenCon this year. I'll keep you in the loop.

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