Monday, April 06, 2009

Smitefest II

My post is going up early this week for a couple of reasons - one of which is short time. I want to make sure you have time to clear your schedules for this one:

A few months ago, my good friend Wade asked me if I wanted to help organize Smitefest II.

Smitefest was a video-game focused gathering in his church's undercroft - in a day which saw snow (a rarity in the Seattle area), he still managed to draw 50 or so people.

Smitefest II will be more boardgame focused. Wade, Stephanie, and I scoped out the area a few weeks ago, and there is plenty of room for boardgaming.

Smitefest II is scheduled for May 2nd from 1pm to 9pm. Full details (including maps and directions) are here.

RSVP! Show up! Bring a friend! Bring a game!

So the next thing I need to do is assemble a list of games to bring. Ideally, games will be playable with 2-5 players, be part of my collection already, are easy to explain, and will play in an hour or so.

Here's the list I have so far:

Blokus Trigon
Settlers of Catan
Neuroshima Hex!
Ghost Stories
Detroit-Cleveland Grand Prix
Ticket To Ride
Power Grid
Hey! That's My Fish!
Formula D
(Runs longer than an hour)
Formula De
(Runs longer than an hour)
St. Petersburg
Ave Caesar
Q-Jet 21XX
Winner's Circle

Any other suggestions?

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  1. You missed Jungle Speed + insurance waivers ;-)