Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Briefly Back to Boardgaming

Remember last week, when I said I'd probably have something to say about Dungeon Twister or Ghost Stories: White Moon or something?

Well, I do have something to say about Dungeon Twister. And a few other games.

See, I forgot that last weekend was Origins. And the SdJ announcement. Many congratulations to Rio Grande Games and Donald X. Vaccarino for winning both with Dominion.

Also, congrats to Archaia Studios Press and Luke Crane for Mouse Guard's upset win! I'll be ordering a copy from IPR after GenCon.

Remember when I mentioned that the LIDT was accepting paid members, now? Well, there is now a benefit to having paid: An exclusive preview of one of the DT2 rooms. Room 37B. It can be found here, if you are logged into as a paid member. The LIDT will also be handling tournaments and goodie distribution with the new edition. Information on membership is here.

I also tweaked the sidebar a bit - I now have a Google Voice account, so if you have a DT Rules Question that can't wait, you can call me. I don't know if it works outside of the US, but it doesn't hurt to try.

Next week, I'll talk more about System and RPG's. I promise. If this weekend's wedding in North Carolina doesn't kill me.

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