Wednesday, July 15, 2009

More Dungeon Twister Thoughts

Back to boardgaming.


In fact, I may not get back to roleplaying until after GenCon at this rate.

See, I have more Dungeon Twister 2: Prison info than I am allowed to share.

I just finished updating my DT Reference file. I can't upload it until the game comes out - and I haven't updated the "Rooms" tab, yet, either.

But I have some numbers on the new set that those of you who are numbers geeks will appreciate and the rest of you may find interesting:

One of the biggest complaints I've seen lately about DT is that the Hit is significantly more powerful than the Run. I don't necessarily agree with this assessment, but it looks like Chris has noticed it as an issue - the average Speed of this set is 3.75, and the average Strength is 1.875. It means that the speed is almost exactly equal to the overall average (which is 3.77) and the Strength is about .5 lower than the overall average (which is 2.361).

In fact, this box has the second-lowest Strength so far - only Fire & Water has a lower average Strength.

The three returning characters were known - Cleric, Wizard, Mechanork. The remaining five are ... different. And very interesting.

The "Human-Snake" that was previously mentioned has been renamed. He is now the Naga.

The "Loop-holes" are the Arrow-Slits which were introduced in Sylvan Creatures, and they will continue to be called Arrow-Slits in no small part because that is what the English-speaking fan community already calls them.

Item-wise, I don't think anyone will be surprised to see the Rope or Key returning - since the Thief isn't in this set, they are both pretty much essential.

LIDT Members have now seen three previews - an image of Room 37B, preview art and photos of La Traitresse (Backstabber), and information on her special ability. If you're not a paid member, these links will give you the main page.

I also still need Regional Managers and Tournament Judges. Please let me know if you're interested in either of these.

I've given up on trying to predict what I'll have ready next week. :) There will be a post, but I have no idea what it'll be. I do still have some things to say about roleplaying and systems and the like. I also have a lot to say about GenCon, which is now less than a month away ... so tune in next week.

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