Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Claustrophobia Errata

So, remember a few weeks back when I first wrote about Claustrophobia?

Remember my comment about how the human player had "more and more interesting choices" to make? Okay - that may not have been here - it may have been over on the 'Geek.

Either way, I take it back. See, there is some errata - the rules say the Red-marked items on the Demon Player's Board of Destiny are usable once per Game. They are, in fact, usable once per Turn. It takes a fairly bland Demon Player's turn and makes it significantly more interesting. It also means the Demon Player will (more often than not) be rolling four dice on their turn. And the Human Player will have a tougher time of it.

CROC has been very active on the actual BGG forums answering questions and clarifying rules - but there isn't a lot of clarification necessary. The English rules I received were very good and required only minor changes. And, so far, none of my suggested changes have required further clarification. That's a good feeling.

Also: My session report was linked to directly by Asmodee on their US Website. Another good feeling.

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