Wednesday, January 06, 2010

New Year's Eve

Like many of you, we played games all night. All. Night.

It was great.

My wife and I started dating on New Year's Eve six years ago, so we always go out for dinner before heading to gaming. During dinner, we received a text message from Brian - there were 38 people at the game store.

The largest gathering we'd had previously was 33 - and that was when I was still hosting game night in my apartment. In fact, that was part of why game night moved to the game store.

I expected to arrive and find the store overrun with small children playing Pokemon or YuGiOh - I didn't expect to find two tables of Race for the Galaxy, a large game of Werewolves of Miller's Hollow, and several other games that I actually rate fairly highly. I didn't see any collectible games of any sort being played (unless you count Heroscape.

By the end of the gathering (5:30am), we'd had 47 people though. Thank you, those of you who attended, for making the event a success.

There are a few photos up on the Facebook Events Page, and I expect more will follow. I failed to even open my camera, which was a mistake.

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