Wednesday, June 02, 2010


As you may not know, I'm very fond of the RPG Hellas: Worlds of Sun and Stone1. Part of it is that I'm such a huge fan of Greek Mythology. Part of it is that Space Opera itch that it scratches.

The first supplement is entitled Hellas: Princes of the Universe, and they are Kickstarting it.

The use of Kickstarter reminds me of Arc Dream using the (now defunct) to get Delta Green: Targets of Opportunity in print. The difference is that Princes of the Universe (if I'm reading the Kickstarter page correctly) will see print regardless of the Kickstarter outcome - the Kickstarter is to get it in full color instead of black & white. I promised my $60 as soon as I saw it (especially because it includes another copy of the core book at that point).

It also reminds me of the 2008 Diana Jones Award-winning Open Design project. (My wife was a patron of one of the Open Design projects, and she loved the end result.) You see, donors to Targets of Opportunity didn't get any input into the final project. Donors to Open Design are able to provide input at every step along the way, starting by providing input into which of several possible projects to pursue. The first ten people who donated $100 or more to Princes of the Universe got to create a character for inclusion in the book.

And these are not the only patronage projects active right now - this one uses the same system as the Amber RPG. And ... um ... it sounds like Amber with the serial numbers partially obscured. Rite Publishing does have the best description I've found of how Patronage works that I've been able to find (and they give credit to Wolfgang Baur and Open Design)

It's yet another fascinating trend in the industry. Something to keep an eye on.

1 Okay, the game is cool, but I don't think it's $85 cool. There are other places to buy print copies, or you can get a .PDF copy here.

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