Wednesday, August 04, 2010


As you read this post, I am at GenCon (which coincides with my annual meal at Chic-Fil-A). As I write this, we have about a month to go and I don't know who will be in the booth or what games we'll be focusing on.

I can, however, make a few guesses based (in part) on these photos from Origins 2010 and what I've seen rules-wise.

Dixit and Dixit 2 will be be prominently displayed due - in part - to the recent Spiel des Jahres win.

Okko has a fresh expansion. Two of them, in fact. And the Cycle of Earth has hit print since the last GenCon. I suspect this will be the game I spend the most time playing, because I'll be the player who is most familiar with it.

Claustrophobia will be there as well - and CROC will be there.  I really like Claustrophobia, but I don't have as much time to play two-player games as I would like, so this hasn't hit the table as often as I would like.

Jungle Speed, of course, is a continual GenCon favorite, as is Werewolves of Miller's Hollow (which ALSO has a new expansion). And I think I saw the Jungle Speed expansion pictured in one shot (but, having only recently seen the rules, I don't know if it'll be available or not).

Cyclades is, I think, my favorite new game of the past year. I was invited to play a prototype at GenCon last year, and knew it was going to be a winner for me.;l

7 Wonders might unseat Cyclades, however. And there will be a pre-release copy at GenCon for play. Odds are good that I'll be teaching this one - and I'm really looking forward to it.

Dice Town will probably be around - it's light, it's fast, and it's fun.

And there may be a surprise or two as well. I'll update this post as I learn what to expect.

UPDATE: Christophe E-mailed me. Stephanie and I will be focusing on Claustrophobia, Cyclades, Buzz It, Dixit, Jungle Speed, and Identik

If you are attending GenCon, please drop by Booth 1901 to say hi.

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