Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Making Characters: The Other Side of the Equation

So I walked you through the procedure for how this project will work a few weeks ago.

The next week, we posted her first character and questionnaire. I learned a bunch in the process (and tweaked the questionnaire slightly by adding a few questions).

In discussion with Stephanie between the two posts, however, I realized that I had left out one essential part of the project:

When Stephanie is done with a game, I will use her concept and generate a character of my own with the same system. Once I've done my character, I'll post the sheet (and include a link to the original post), and discuss the differences and why I made different choices.

Now, there will be games where this isn't feasible - generally for games with a significant degree of randomness - but by and large, this should provide some interesting contrast, and hopefully it won't bore you to death in the process.

The restrictions I'm placing on myself are as follows:

1) I must use the same method of generation as Stephanie does.
2) I must use the same basic concept as Stephanie does.
3) I must create a character I would allow as GM.
4) I must create a character I'd be willing to play.

Then I'll talk a bit about the game and what I liked and disliked about it.  In some cases, this will be longer than the character differences overview.

Now, I won't do all of this for all of the characters she makes, but I will discuss the games a month or so after her posts go up.

I hope you find this part as interesting as you find Stephanie's part of the project.

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