Friday, November 12, 2010

Contest Winner

The winner is: Jonathan Howard

Please check your e-mail. If the codes aren't there, check your spam/junk e-mail filter. Your ISP is famous for filtering the wrong things.

I had a total of six people enter, so your odds were all pretty good. Of the six, I know two of you from the real world, one of you from Twitter, and the remaining two of you were new to me. The winner, by the way, was new to me.

One person got zero correct guesses, one person got two questions right, and four people got one question correct each, for a total of twelve entries into the drawing.

ALL of you did more than just give the answers - you either provided a tidbit of trivia or a bit more information about why you guessed the way you did. It made reading your entries very interesting.

The answers were:

Favorite Doctor: Tom Baker (the Fourth Doctor). He's the Doctor I saw on TV when I was a kid, as he was the one that got the most play on American TV in the eighties. And by "American TV," I mean "PBS."  William Harnell (the First Doctor) is my second favorite. I really like the idea of a cranky old man as the Doctor.

Most of you got this one right.

Favorite thing about the Eccleston Doctor?  Scary Daleks. I liked all of the suggestions I proposed, but it was nice to finally be able to see something scary about the Daleks.

I remember them as fairly humorous villains when I was younger. I would occasionally shout at my TV to help the Doctor "Run upstairs! They can't catch you up there!" And the fact that those shells can hover and fly was the first step they took towards making the Daleks individually frightening.

Thank you all for entering.  I have responded to each of your entry e-mails with a personal thank you, as well.  I hope to have more contests in the future - this was weirdly entertaining. Moreso than I had expected.

And, most of all, thank you all for reading.

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