Wednesday, November 03, 2010

English Games of the 1500's, Three Years Later

It's been just over three years, now, since Google first told me that "English Games of the 1500's" was suddenly a popular search topic that led people here.

It led to this post. Over the last three years, I've watched my analytics numbers pretty closely most of the time, and that continues to be the most-read post in the blog. By a lot.

So it wasn't a one-time school project. In fact, it's a rare week that some variant of "English Games of the 1500's" fails to generate at least one hit on my blog.

So here are a few fresh links to add to the ones from that earlier post. Maybe it'll make this my most-read post after a few years, right?

This is actually one of the better links I've stumbled across.
This page also has some good links.
This book looks like it could be extremely helpful, as well - assuming you're not just working on a one-off project.

And last, but not least, the single most-helpful link I've found with regards to Renaissance-Era games.

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