Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Dungeon Twister: Updates

It's been a while since I had anything to say about Dungeon Twister, hasn't it?

I have a few small updates for you, both on the video game and on the board game.

The next expansion is tentatively titled Dungeon Twister: Traps. It will follow the expansion plan laid out before Prison was released - that is, rather than one box of eight rooms, eight characters, and six objects, it'll be released in blister packs.  Each pack will have one or two characters, some rooms, and an object or two.  I don't know, yet, how many packs or what the exact makeup of each pack will be.

Why the long wait?  Chris has specific artists he likes working for for each project.  The artists he's worked with since the original Base Set were occupied with other jobs. They are now available and are reportedly starting work.  Personally, if we can maintain consistence from the (now five-year-old) Base Set and the newest expansions, I consider that a thing worth waiting for.

As to the video game - I know that I showed you the dance video a few months back.  There is another video out there - a gameplay video - if you know where to look. I can't share it, yet, as I don't have permission to do so. Rest assured that, as soon as I can show it off, I will do so.

I've had e-mail from Hydravision - if you check the website, it's slowly being updated, even if the Contest link is two years old at this point ...

Why the delays on the game?  There've been a number of reasons.  Hydravision had to change publishers, for one.

Rumor is that the latest delay is reportedly because of the recent Playstation Network security breach - Sony put approvals of new games on hold, and is now working through the backlog.  Oh - and they apparently have some new security and privacy requirements. Since Sony and Microsoft both get touchy about publishing games that were available on the other system first, it's holding up the XBox Live version as well. I got this info from several sources, none of them at Hydravision, Ludically, or Asmodee.

The current release date for the game is September 14th. But that may be pushed back, too.

I opted not to run for re-election to the LIDT board this year. When I was initially asked to join the board, I told them I was in until they found someone capable of taking the reins.  Geoff Heintzelman has more than stepped up in that regard.  I am still a member of the League - and I intend to continue as a member - but I don't have the time to devote to the League that I wish I had. And that's even with my priorities set close to how I want them.  I'll still share information as I receive it - it's just that I won't be the primary source anymore. Instead, I'll be quoting Geoff as the source. Or other members as appropriate.

Geoff, by the way, has been nominated for Vice President of the LIDT. And he definitely has my vote ...

And that's about all the news I have at present.


  1. It always make Wednesday better when there is a DT post on your blog. :D

    As requested -- here is some information that I know. I just translated the news on the League website about the Championship of France (congrats to Zalex, btw). Chris was there and confirmed that "Traps" would be released in four packs -- each containing two characters (in both blue and yellow), a room pair, and two objects. The plan is for them to be released over the course of the year.

    This is an interesting development, in my opinion. The previous (V1) expansions were released and could be learned in "standalone" mode -- and were very well balanced and excellent to play that way. Mini-expansions actually encourage the other DT formats -- Full Frontal, Draft, Equal Forces. An excellent change that will make tournaments much more interesting.

    In addition, this will be slightly larger than the previous expansion boxes, as a total of eight items will be included.

    There was also a very interesting format used at the 4th Open of Chartres -- so check out the website for that...

    And, it appears that I have been indeed elected the new Vice President of the League. My primary responsibilities will be to the North American continent, and I'm also happy to see that Frankco becomes the first Quebecois on the Board. :) I'll also continue to work towards translating and updating the site in English.

    Thanks for the support, Eric. Enjoy the well-earned rest...


  2. Dave Horn12:12 PM

    Thanks for the DT updates guys! I can't wait for new DT expansions or the video game. And apparently I don't know where to look, I can't find anything but the silly dance video! :(

  3. Geoff: Congrats! And thanks for the update!

    Dave: Are you a League member? The link is in the league forums ... you may need to dig a bit to find it by now.

  4. Dave Horn1:47 PM

    Found it! Can't wait! Thanks Eric!