Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Dungeon Twister on PS3

It's real!  And it'll be out on July 3rd in the US. For sure. How do I know?

I have it. And I've played it.  I even got a bit of multiplayer in. You see, Hydravision gave me a copy of the game. And a few codes so I can share with friends.

I'm giving one away on BoardGameGeek, one on Twitter, and one here.

Here's the rules for this one:

1) The code I was given is only good in North America. Feel free to enter if you're outside of that area, but the code won't do you any good.
2) The code is only good on PS3. If you don't have a PS3, the code won't do you any good. In fact, if you're not on the PlayStation Network, then the code won't do you any good.
3) To enter, send an e-mail to with the subject "DT on PS3."  In that e-mail, tell me who your favorite character is and why.
4) In the evening of Wednesday July 4th (one week from today), I will randomly draw a winner and will e-mail the code to that winner.

I won't use your e-mail for anything else. In fact, after the contest, I'll delete it. I also won't give away, sell, or share your e-mail address with anyone.

Good luck. I wish I could give codes to all of you.

So how is the game?

It's good.

If you like the board game, you'll like the video game. Because they have the exact same feel.

That, by the way, is some of the highest praise I can give the game.

The graphics are good, and the play controls are mostly intuitive to those of us who've been playing video games for a few years.

So far, I have played one multiplayer game with someone I met on BoardGameGeek.

The game's not perfect, don't get me wrong - we ran into a bug with multiplayer that froze the game up, but I don't know if it's a common bug or if it's related to playing without a timer.  But we were able to restart and finish a game.

I've always said that the game is won or lost at setup - and I don't think this game was any exception to that. I went with a Troll Forward strategy, and it worked for me.  I wound up killing four of his characters - my Cleric and Thief ganged up on his Cleric, my Warrior pounded his Goblin, and my Troll took out his Mechanork and his Wall-Walker.  Then he Fireballed my Troll. And, finally, my Goblin made a break for it.

Final score 6-1.

It's enough to make me wish I had the ability to record the game and upload it to YouTube so I could document that I do occasionally win.

There is a rumor that if it does well enough, they will start to release the expansions as DLC. But that's just a rumor and I haven't heard it from anyone official.

But my fingers are crossed - and I hope to see you online.

Once I'm done moving/unpacking/getting settled.


  1. Dave Horn5:01 PM

    All these contests... screw that! :) I can't wait the extra day (or days), I'm getting the game tomorrow. Been waiting for years...literally. I'll pony up the $10 gladly to get it on the 3rd!

    But thanks for the contests, very generous of you and Hydravision.

    1. Dave, I look forward to playing you online.

      ... first, I have to finish this move, however.