Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Origins Winners

The Origins Awards were last weekend, and here is the list of winners:

Best Game Accessory: Shadowrun Runner's Toolkit by Catalyst Game Labs
Best Play-By-Mail: Heroic Fantasy by Flying Buffalo
Best Game-Related Publication: The Kobold Guide to Board Game Design by Open Design
Best Historical Minis Rules or Expansion: Flames of War: Cassino by Battlefront Miniatures, Ltd.
Best Historical Minis Figure or Line: Bolt Action WWII by Warlord Games
Best Historical Board Game: Strike of the Eagle by Academy Games
Best Traditional Card Game: Nuts! by Wildfire, LLC
Best Collectible Card Game or Expansion: Magic the Gathering: Innistrad by Wizards of the Coast
Best Miniatures Rules or Expansion: Battletech: The Wars of Reaving by Catalyst Game Labs
Best Miniatures Figure or Line: Storm Strider by Privateer Press
Best Roleplaying Game: Arcanis by Paradigm Concepts
Best Roleplaying Supplement or Adventure: Shadows Over Scotland by Cubicle 7
Best Family, Party, or Children's Game: Get Bit! by Mayday Games
Best Board Game: Conquest of Nerath by Wizards of the Coast

So how were my predictions?

Not good.

Best RPG: I was wrong.
Best RPG Supplement: I was wrong - and I'm glad. The winner was on my "Should win" list.
Best Board Game: I was right, but I still think Eclipse was a better game.
Best Traditional Card Game: Wrong.
Best Game Accessory: I declined to guess.
Best Game-Related Publication: Much like the RPG Supplement category, I was wrong, but one of the nominees I wanted to win did, so I won't complain about being wrong.

In short: I was right with only one of my guesses.

This, by the way is why I don't bet money on my predictions.

Congrats to all of the winners.

True fact: I was in Wolfgang Baur's dining room in the middle of a 13th Age playtest when they learned that they were now Origins Award Winners for the Kobold Guide to Board Game Design.

By the way: 13th Age will be awesome. But, considering that it's Jonathan Tweet and Rob Heinsoo writing it, this should not be a surprise.

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