Wednesday, January 08, 2014

2014: Games I Am Looking Forward To

Last year was filled with some really good games - both board and roleplaying.  This year looks like it'll be as good if not better.

Here's what I'm looking forward to playing in the next year:

Room 25 - I know this came out a while ago, but I worked on it and, for some reason, didn't get my copy when it first came out.  It was a surprise hit of sorts and the first print run sold out. This surprised the publisher, but not me - this was the game I worked on that I was most interested in because the rules just sounded fun. It's a game that handles co-operative play, semi-cooperative play, and team play.  My copy is enroute to me, now and I can't wait to get it to the table.

Concept - it's not out, yet. I read the rules and was only so-so on it, but the more I think about this game, the more I'm looking forward to it.  It's a "guess the word" game with a pretty cool twist - the board is covered with symbols, and you place markers and cubes to indicate what you want the other players to guess.

Corto - this game is based on a French comic strip. The first book is available in English. I'm not all that fond of the book - but the game has some interesting ideas that look like a lot of fun to play.  It's not out yet in North America, but I hope to have it by my birthday.

Expedition: Northwest Passage - Another game released late last year that is now on its way to me.  This is a game of exploration with a theme related to Franklin's Lost Expedition - one of many expeditions who went searching for the Northwest Passage.  In this game, you need to keep track of the season so you can best-use your crew to try to find the Northwest Passage and return home safely.

Nations - the first game on the list I didn't work on. This is another release from late last year that has been getting really good reviews. I asked for a copy, not expecting to actually get one - but it's on its way. In large part because I'll be demoing it at GenCon next year, I assume.

Odds are good that some (or all) of these will be on the short list for my Game of the Year which, as you know, I announce at GenCon in August. In the meantime, keep an eye on my Games Played for some or all of these to appear.

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