Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Gamethyme's Game of the Year - Early Front-Runners

So last week, I talked about what I was looking forward to in 2014.  Something else I do here, as you know, is give out my own personal Game of the Year award for the new-to-me game I most enjoyed in the year leading up to GenCon.

Since we're almost half-way to GenCon (seven months to go!), I thought I'd talk a bit about the games which I've played at (or since) GenCon that are likely to be on my short list:

Last Week's List - All of the games I'm excited about for this year are likely to make the short list for next year.  Assuming they make it out by GenCon (and they should). Especially Room 25 and Expedition: Northwest Passage.

Le Fantôme de l’Opéra is the latest in the Mr. Jack line of games.  And I've played it a dozen times at or since GenCon.  It's similar enough to Mr. Jack that it was quick to learn, but it's different enough that mastery will take time.

The Duke is the game I didn't see coming.  When I saw that Catalyst Game Labs was doing a board game, I was skeptical. Battletech and Leviathans are not really the kind of game I enjoy a ton of these days. High School Drama was not a game I enjoyed at all.  Poo was done by the Cthulhutech team, so I don't really think of it was being a Catalyst game.  Ergo was ... so/so.  So The Duke was a pleasant surprise.

Chicken Caesar was also a bit unexpected.  A fun game about Roman politics?  The Chicken theme is paper-thin, here, but that doesn't weaken the game.  The more I play this one, the more I learn about it (and the more I want to play again).

Twin Tin Bots is the game that restored my faith in Kickstarter as a place to find good games. I used to love Robo Rally, back in the mid-nineties.  I was pretty good at it, too.  This reminds me of a lighter, faster-playing Robo Rally. Saying this, I am all-too aware of the fact that saying this will turn Robo Rally haters away from this one - which is a shame.  I've played this half a dozen times so far, and plan to play it a whole bunch more.  And even Robo Rally haters have enjoyed playing this game with me.

Rampage is another fun one. It's a dexterity game that has some strategy to it. It almost takes more time to set up than it does to play. But you can't beat the theme of monsters smashing a city - and the theme is very well-integrated here, too.  I can't imagine this game with a different theme.

As with any game, there is always the fear of burnout if these games are played too much. And I may also find a flaw that one or two quick plays won't reveal.  But - as of right now - these are the games I'm most enjoying.

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