Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Kickstarter Update

It's been a while since I updated folks on the status of the delayed gaming Kickstarters I'm a backer of

A few months ago, I wrote about how most of you don't need to worry about mis-packed/defective game copies, because I'm the one who seems to get most of them.

It happened again.

You all should know by now that I'm a huge fan of Rory's Story Cubes. Last year, they Kickstarted an RPG.  It's called Untold: Adventures Await. And it's good. It's more co-operative storytelling than role-playing, though. As written, it's GM-less.

My copy, however, was mis-packed.

See, the game includes five decks of tiles that are used to guide the storytelling. Each deck has six tiles, and there should be no duplicate tiles.  I had a duplicate set of tiles.

I contacted them, and they (promptly) sent out replacement tiles (after figuring out which one(s) I needed). No hassles, no hoop-jumping, just ... sent.

It's worth mentioning that the Story Cubes IP was sold to Asmodee in between the Kickstarter and its fulfillment, but the customer service I dealt with was the Creativity Hub customer service, not Asmodee Customer Service.  And - again - their customer service was fantastic.

The game itself hasn't hit the table, yet.  In fact, over the holidays, I played fewer games than usual because of weather and illness.

Either way: Check that off the arrived list.

Also on the long-delayed but showing progress:

Alas, Vegas arrived. Alas, Vegas was funded in February of 2013, and it arrived the day after Christmas. I'd never had any fear that it wouldn't arrive - James Wallis has always been late (but he also always comes through). All the way back to when he ran Hogshead and was the publisher behind Warhammer Fantasy Role-Play. The best example of this is Realms of Sorcery. If I remember correctly, it was the last product that Hogshead published for WHFRP. It came out in 2001 or so. after its having been promised for something like five or six years.

UPDATE: Between the time this post was written and the time it went live, Alas, Vegas arrived.

Remember Powerchords? Funded in late 2010, and then there was a looooong radio silence. We got the PDF in September, and it looks like I may have this one by the end of the month. Powerchords my longest-outstanding project, by the way.

UPDATE: Between the time this post was written and the time it went live, Powerchords arrived.

Far West, meanwhile, continues to not appear. And there's been no update since May. We're well past the Statue of Limitations for fraud (I don't think Skarka deliberately defrauded his backers, but that's definitely the apparent end result). I'm glad I got most of my money back for this one, and I feel bad for backers who acted too late or who had to deal with attorneys general that either don't understand Kickstarter or just plain don't care.

Fae Nightmares has seen some recent activity. I received the PDF for this in September of 2014, for reference.  13th Age in Glorantha is slowly chugging away. Tales from the Floating Vagabond is still not updating often enough - but I have faith that it's coming.

Ironclaw: the Book of Horn and Ivory has shipped but (as of this writing) not arrived, yet. Ironclaw is one of those guilty pleasure games.  If I'm being completely honest with myself, it's not a good game, but I still like it. Mechanically, it actually reminds me quite a bit of Cortex Plus, where you'll roll mixed pools of dice when attempting tasks.  Somewhere, I've got a post about furry games that needs some polish - I could probably summarize it here to save myself from having to edit it up and post it: "Nearly every furry game I've seen did something mechanically that I thought was fantastic."

UPDATE: Between the time this post was written and the time it went live, The Book of Horn and Ivory arrived. I'm not 100% complete on this project, yet (I'm still waiting for a different book, but it's shipped and I have tracking).

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  1. Untold will remain a product of Hub Games (renamed from The Creativity Hub just this week). They have an arrangement with Asmodee to use the Story Cubes.