Thursday, January 11, 2018

More on Kindle Pricing

So yesterday, I posted about Games Workshop's Kindle pricing.

It was pointed out that I never actually stated what I feel is reasonable pricing for Kindle books:

I'm of the opinion that Kindle Book pricing should be comparable to physical book pricing. If a book is only available in hardcover, then the Kindle book should be similarly priced.  If a book is available in mass-market paperback, then the Kindle should - again - be similarly priced.

If I think a book is worth $15, then I'll spend $15 on it.

And yes, I know that physical books are often sold below MSRP online. I think that Kindle books should be similarly priced to the actual price not the MSRP.

But that only works for in-print books.

I think that, once the physical book is out of print, the Kindle price should drop. $5 is not an unreasonable price for an out-of-print book.  As I said yesterday: It's not like that book is taking up actual space anymore.  By the time it goes out-of-print, it's either made its money back (and is profitable for the publisher) or it isn't ever going to (at which point the electronic book isn't going to make much money either way).  Every electronic book sold after the physical book is out-of-print is (or should be) either pure profit for the publisher or will partially offset losses taken from the physical version..

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