Wednesday, April 04, 2007


I'm dipping my toe into commercialism.

I've put one ad on my blog. Temporarily. To see how it works. You may have missed it, actually - it's below my games collection on the right when you go to the main page of this blog.

See, I like Tanga. I've bought a bunch of stuff from them, and I trust them.

I don't want to do the Google Ads thing, because I have less control over what ads show in my blog. And the ads are ... boring. With Tanga, I know what the ad looks like - I've see the same ad on the 'Geek every day for months, now.

If it works out, I may put ads for other products/services/companies I like on the page. I may not. Time will tell.

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  1. Anonymous4:28 AM

    HEy Eric,

    Played a game of battleground today. I was the Undead going against my friend's human army.

    I got my ass kicked.

    I didn't realize that undead were quite fragile compared to some other units. Regen helps, but it's hard to keep troops with 1 Toughness alaive.

    I also made made pretty bad tactical choices. My Death KNights never made it into combat before I conceded.

    My friend was ho-hum about the game but I really like it!