Sunday, April 22, 2007

Dungeon Twister Updates

The last I heard, Forces of Darkness was due in April. I suspect it's either on the boat enroute to the US distributors or is held up in Customs again.

Mercenaries will be next after Forces of Darkness. I don't have an estimated release date on it, but I suspect it's targeted for GenCon (or thereabouts). Some of you who attended NorWesCon had a chance to play this one with me. I think it'll be one of my favorite expansions.

According to a message that went out on the Yahoo! mailing list (from an actual Asmodee employee):
after Mercenaries, Asmodee intends to release DT " Fire and Water " Christmas Edition. There will be many goodies in the box.
Most of the european goodies will be included which is great, but they also intend to add some trully new goodies that even the French don't have !
I may have seen the prototype version of one of these goodies. If so, I'm excited. It looks pretty cool.

I have a clarification for 0 AP items that I'll be posting later this week - it'll be short, but I'm going to put it in my Errata category to make it easier to find. 0 AP items are items which are not always on (like the Fire Shield) and that don't cost an AP to use, and they start showing up in Forces of Darkness.

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