Sunday, August 07, 2011

Day Four Has Arrived

Day Four is a mixed blessing every year. On the one hand, GenCon did not kill you. On the other, you will need to say good-bye to all the neat people you met this week. Or old friends you had the opportunity to meet.

It also means that, at four, they turn the air conditioning off. And then the general public leaves, and then the hard work of palletizing everything begins.

Today is the day of price cuts and haggling guests.

It's people's last chance for that demo they've been waiting all convention for.

This, by the way, was the first convention where I have had to make appointments for demos.

Most of the team - as I said previously - knows most of the games.  Apparently I'm the only Claustrophobia de Profundis person in the booth, though. And I'm the primary go-to when there is a question on another game (Other than Quebec, but that's because the designer is in the booth).  The boss has had me speak with several distributor representatives to give them a game overview or two, and I also had a chance to chat with Dale Yu yesterday, which was neat.  It's always cool to meet people you see online.

Tonight, the Asmodee team will gather for dinner before we head home. And then we split up and I don't see any of them until next year.

Two weeks from now, Stephanie and I will be at PAX.  Stephanie will be working for Asmodee and I'll be working for Mindspan Labs (I'll be demoing ZoxSo all weekend). If it goes well, Asmodee may have a booth at PAX Prime next year. At the very least, I hope they continue to send Stephanie and I to help demo games in the open gaming area.

Need to get going - Day Four awaits, and I still have to put my shoes on.

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