Friday, August 05, 2011


This year, we're staying in the new JW Marriott, which is connected to the convention center by skybridge. It's nice. Very nice, in fact.

I only have two very small issues:

1) We have a gorgeous shower. It's really amazing. But, after a full day of demoing games, I like to soak in a tub. This room has no tub.

2) It's too far away for Exhibitors. It's all the way at the other end of the center from the exhibit hall. Because of how the skybridges connect, I honestly think we're walking close to a mile each way.

If I were here as an attendee, I would stay here again with no hesitation. As an exhbitor, however ...

This is the third hotel Stephanie and I have stayed in for GenCon. Our arrangement with Asmodee is simple: They will pay for a cheap hotel room all the way across town, if we want. Or we can pay for our own hotel room and they will give us the money they would have spent on that cheap hotel room (at the end of the show).

The first year, we stayed in the Crowne Plaza. It was a decent hotel, but it wasn't connected to the convention center (it was just close). I didn't want to do that again, because I hate the outdoors when it is six hundred degrees in the shade and you have to drink the air because the humidity is so high.

Last year, we stayed at the Westin. We had a series of minor issues that added up and frustrated us (our AC didn't work reliably, the non-stick things in the tub were worn to the point of being slippery, and so on). I'd like to note that the staff was phenomenal, and bent over backwards to make things as right as they could - but there is only so much they can do.

Next year, I think I'd like to go back to the Crowne Plaza. It's close to where the Exhibit Hall has moved to, and I can handle a block or so outside if I have to.

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