Saturday, August 06, 2011

Games Played/Day Three

This year, I have played very few games. As some of you know, I log all games played over on BoardGameGeek.  In theory, there is a widget in the sidebar of this blog that lists games played.
I only list games played against humans, and I only record full games - if I bow out early or am tagged out to run another demo, or if I teach people to play without actually playing myself, I don't record that play.

By this measurement, I have played fewer games this year than in any previous year.

But this year, I also have not taken a full break at any time. I have taken five minutes here and there to visit nearby "Red-Zone" booths to drop a bit of money and receive goods (Purchases today include the new Mouse Guard box set), but I haven't even taken a meal break.

Stephanie will go to get food for me. "I'm going to be rude," I tell whomever is receiving a demo from me, "and eat in front of you." So far, no-one has had a problem with it.

There are booths I need to visit tomorrow.

Tonight, we had dinner with Jim & Dawn, two very good friends who used to be local to us in Seattle, but are now California natives. We only get to see them regularly at GenCon. We bought them dinner. Caught them off-guard in doing so, too. They have vowed revenge.

Dawn thinks I should take one of the many thousands of game and story ideas I have floating in my head and actually publish it. I ... I have some ideas I'm kicking around. So we'll see. My many blogs keep me pretty busy. But I do bounce ideas off of my wife and other friends nearly continuously, so we'll see.

Today's purchases included the new Mouse Guard box and Cthulhu Brittanica: Shadows Over Scotland. And several others.

And now, I'm off to crash. Before midnight. At GenCon.

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