Sunday, August 19, 2012

Day Three (Evening) + Day Four Preview

After the dealer's room closed last night, Stephanie and I met with our good friend Wade for dinner.  Then we wandered back to our room and chatted with him for several hours.

He cursed our name several times when we said, "X game is really good."  Because he then added it to his shopping list (Sorry, Angela!).

There are exciting things happening today.  Mayfair is reportedly live-streaming some sort of raffle this afternoon/evening, and you should totally watch it - because why would you live-stream a raffle if nothing new and/or exciting is going to be announced?

If you hadn't heard, Wizards announced that their D&D back catalog would be available electronically.  We don't know, yet, if they're going back to DriveThruRPG/RPGNow or if they'll be creating their own format tied to DDI.  Given how paranoid they are about piracy, my money says they do their own thing.

Given their past history, my money says it flops at first.  Nothing personal, WotC, but your digital initiatives have always been lousy for the first six months to a year.

Today is the slow day. In theory.  Today is the day the big vendors (us included) take longer breaks and do most of our shopping.  We've been hitting booths before the exhibit hall opens, so we're basically done.  We may grab one or two more items, but I'm already hoping we're not well over the weight limit for luggage.

The 7 Wonders tournament finals are in the booth this morning. One table's worth of players, so there will be demos going on all around them.

Also: Back home, it's 4am. And the Washington State Department of Transportation's official Twitter feed is already telling me that there are traffic problems and backups. At 4:00 am. On a Sunday.

Tonight, after the doors close, we start tearing down.  It'll take an hour or two. At the end of that time, the team will go out for dinner. For the last few years, we've gone to the Weber Grill in Indianapolis. This year, they made reservations well in advance of the convention. You pretty much need to when you have a party of 25. And this year's team is the strongest we've had so far.  By a lot.  I still got yanked from game to game a little bit when one of the "older" games needed a demo, but, for the most part, everyone in the booth knew almost every game.

Stephanie spent most of the convention playing City of Horror.  It's a good thing she likes the game.

Tomorrow, we fly home.  GenCon is wonderful and amazing and very very exhausting. Home will be wonderful and amazing and ... and will have my day job waiting for me. I'm actively afraid of how many voice mails and e-mails I'll have to deal with.

Another highlight of yesterday that I'd missed was the change to meet Jonathan Franklin (who is not related).  He's another Seattleite that I met through BoardGameGeek, and his game, A Fistful of Penguins, is selling at this convention. Apparently it's selling well, which is good.  I've read the rules and have a copy waiting for me back at my FLGS.

... and now, I need to go prepare for Sunday.  More later, probably after our tasty, tasty dinner.


  1. I picked up the Over the Edge softcpver on your recommendation, and brought it to the Pelgrane booth for Tweet to sign.

    "Eric talked me into buying Over the Edge," I said.

    Rob Heinsoo leaned over. "You aren't getting the $70 leather bound 20th anniversary edition?"

    "He didn't talk me into THAT."

    1. I hope you find it as mindblowing and revolutionary as I did a decade or so when I first discovered it for myself.