Sunday, August 19, 2012

GenCon 2012: The End

Just like that, we're done.

Exhausted, but alive.

And done.

Today, I played Seasons, City of Horror, and Fame Us.

I helped run demos of Evo, Mundus Novus, and Timeline.

I acquired the new Edge of the Empire game - Fantasy Flight's Star Wars RPG, for which they released a surprise beta at GenCon.

We also walked out with Shadowrun: 2050, Libertalia, Rise or Fall, Marie Andre's Bonbons, and City of Horror. Even though that last one is being reprinted due to a problem with the cardstock which was used.

At the end of the day, David Miller with Purple Pawn came by the booth.  He's done so on the last day of the convention for the last few years, and he's always good to see. We chatted for a few before the exhibit hall closed for the day.

Two good friends became engaged today. And, let me tell you, IT'S ABOUT DAMN TIME, YOU TWO!

And then we went for a team dinner at the Weber Grill. It was a bit weird for me, because my day job in a warehouse deals with a lot of Weber grills.

And now, I'm getting ready to crash.

It was a good year. A successful year.  And I've been told that next year's booth will be bigger.

We were completely slammed all weekend long. This is not surprising. Many gamers have started to see Asmodee as a destination rather than just a waypoint.  It started with a few regulars who sought out Stephanie and/or myself, but, over time, more and more gamers have discovered just how many really good games are in the booth.

And this year had three big releases in theory.  7 Wonders: Cities, Libertalia, and Seasons. We were hoping for FOUR big releases, with City of Horror.

In practice, we had two big releases - the Seasons release was delayed at the printer, and City of Horror had a cardstock issue.

And now, I'm going to collapse.

To those of you who stopped by the booth to demo a game or just say hi: Thank you. There are thousands of games at GenCon, and you have limited time in which to play them. Thank you for spending that valuable time in our booth.

We'll see you next year.

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