Friday, August 17, 2012

Post-Dinner Drinks

Anyone who knows me well is aware that I have three favorite RPG designers:

Jonathan Tweet
Robin D. Laws
Kenneth Hite

I learned about a week ago that Jonathan Tweet works at the same company as my wife.

When I geeked out in her direction, she looked him up. "Ooooh. Yeah," she said, "I've met that guy!"

I about died.

Then she did something I'd probably never have done in a million years - she contacted him and said, in essence, "My husband is a huge fan. Are you willing to sign autographs on product you've written?"

And he agreed, but noted that it would need to be soon, as he would be leaving for GenCon.

What a coincidence!

Tonight, Stephanie took me out for drinks. With Jonathan Tweet and two of his friends (no, not Robin D. Laws and Kenneth Hite).

It was surreal for me. And really awesome. Even if I did more or less lock up.

But, once I was able to loosen up enough - and was guided by his friend Danny - I was able to ask some questions that I'd wondered about for years.

Like "How did you convince Wizards to publish Everway?" and "Are you familiar with Talislanta, and how did it influence your design of D&D?"

I hadn't realized: Jonathan Tweet had a hand in Talislanta 3rd Edition. Enough so that he's credited alongside Stephan Michael Sechi on the title page.

Which, in turn, explains why 3E reminds me so strongly of Tal, because Tal 3 was the version I first saw.

All in all, it was an amazing time.  I'm still a bit twitchy.

... and I need to dig my old copy of Talislanta out, now, and send it with Stephanie for an autograph ...


And yes, I am geeking out.

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