Saturday, August 16, 2014

GenCon and Soda and You

There is an apocryphal tale that holds that the year GenCon moved to Indianapolis, the city ran out of Coca-Cola and Mountain Dew. And I don't doubt it.

I drink a lot of Coca-Cola. Love the stuff.  I drink a ton less than I used to, but when I need to be awake, Coke is it! My backup sodas are Dr Pepper and Mountain Dew. In that order. I never drink Pepsi on purpose.

Here's the thing: If you're coming to GenCon, bring your own soda or stock up on Thursday.  Because those soda machines that you see scattered about? They're going to be empty by the end of Friday.  Even the $2/can machines will be out of soda. And they just can't restock them fast enough.

One other option - leaving the convention center for a restaurant of some sort - exists, but takes you away from the show. And there is so much to see here that you don't want to leave the show.

This year, Asmodee did something they hadn't done previously.  You know those pedestals that 7-Eleven fills with ice and then sticks 20-oz bottles of soda into?  They brought one of those and it's well-stocked with Gatorade and water and sometimes soda of some sort. I'm going to blame Carol for the pedestal, because it's probably her idea. And it's the best thing in the history of Western Civilization. Because my throat doesn't have a chance to get dry. I just pour another water (or Gatorade) down it, and life is good.

Well, as good as it can be when you're drinking Gatorade and water and eating Granola bars and really bad convention center bratwurst ...


Time to head out.  Day Three looms.

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