Friday, August 15, 2014

GenCon Day 2: Quick Summary

We're going to dinner with a friend, so this is a very quick note about how today went:

Better than yesterday.

We were busier and things in the booth ran more smoothly.  I think everyone that wanted a lunch break managed to take one. But I'm not 100% sure.

It was a good feeling, seeing how well things flowed.  The team was tagging out to one another so that every group that needed help got it. The only game that we have only one demo person for is Cyclades: Titans - and that person is me. But the great thing about Cyclades is that I can start the game and then wander off to help other people and then wander back to the table.  People know to grab my attention if they have a question (and they rarely do, which is odd).

The only problem I had today was when one of my contact lenses was acting up. When I went to rinse it off, I discovered that it had torn. And I don't have glasses to use as a backup.  So I'm less able to see tonight (and will be until at least Monday evening). So it goes, I guess.

If I get a chance later (or early tomorrow) and can think of more that needs saying, I'll say it.

I will say that the external battery pack we bought for our phones has been well worth it. Even though we don't really get signal in the exhibit hall, at least my phone isn't dying.

Apparently MANY T-Mobile users (like ourselves) are reporting that they have signal but no bandwidth. Maybe it'll be fixed for next year. Last year, I didn't have signal OR bandwidth ...

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