Wednesday, August 13, 2014

GenCon Day Zero: Evening Post

Want to know what eight nine hours of setup does to a person?

And this was easy compared to previous years.  The A/C was on (but not all that useful - but it also wasn't disgustingly hot outside, either), professionals were laying our carpet, and there were many hands when hands were needed.

And Asmodee bought us pizza.  It was Dominos, which is always edible, if not exceptional. Even at their worst, I've never eaten inedible Dominos pizza.  And, when you've been tied up in setup, it is like ambrosia.

Giancarlo - the smallest guy in the booth - had five or six pieces, apparently.  I only needed one, but oh how badly I needed it.

Today (so far) I learned World of Tanks: Rush and played Ca$h 'n Guns (Second Edition).

I'm a bit burned out on Deckbuilders, but I saw potential in World of Tanks. More on this one when I've had a chance to play it a bit more. It seems to be a simpler game than Dominion, but with a few twists that are unique to it.

As to Ca$h 'n Guns, I was a huge fan of the original.  I think the new one streamlined gameplay an appropriate amount. For example, the BANG BANG BANG card is gone, because it added complexity and slowed the game down.  The "everyone gets to pick until it's all gone" style of loot collection also stops people from having to do math. They just grab when it's their turn to grab.

The team for this year seems really good. Everyone jumped into help whenever help was needed. Realistically, that's half the battle.

I'm looking forward to tomorrow. Other than the 7:15 AM start time. Because I'm still sorta on Seattle Time, and 7:15 AM strikes me as Too Damn Early.

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