Wednesday, February 11, 2009

A Few More New Year's Resolution Notes

Evidence of Gaming
So I have another New Year's Resolution that will directly impact my blogging fodder: This year, I will not buy an RPG book that I will not use. Meaning that if I buy a book, I need to use it (either running a one-shot or playing in a game).

This is because I have probably three thousand RPG books in my apartment. No exaggeration. I even managed to get a copy of Last Unicorn's Dune: Chronicles of the Imperium at cover price (without being at GenCon that year). And these games aren't being used. They're just sitting and taking up space (with the exception of the 4E D&D books, which I'm using). So I need to use them.

Maybe using them for one-shots will spark further sales for the publishers. If you're not Wizards of the Coast, you need the sales. :)

The only exception to the "use it before buying more books" rule is books purchased through Indie Press Revolution, as those are purchased as much for their ideas as for actual use. I'm still not sure if Polaris is playable in my group.

I have a similar rule for boardgaming this year - I need to use each new game within a month of purchase. The exception here is the month following GenCon. I usually bring back a lot of new games and playing them all in one month is damn near impossible. That'll directly impact my games played.


  1. Anonymous12:52 PM

    You know, that wrestling game you had looked (Powerbombs and Suplexes or soemthign like that...) pretty fun. You should try to run that some night at the game store.


  2. The game in question is Piledrivers & Powerbombs. Despite the title, it's a very tongue-in-cheek beer & pretzels RPG.

    Good game. I may have to one-shot it.