Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Game Night at Dawn & Jim's Wedding

I've gotten into the (good) habit of writing these posts during the weekend before they are scheduled to go up. In a few cases, posts have been written two and three weeks in advance.

I think I'm getting better at this whole blogging thing.

But this last weekend was busy. See, two of my favorite opponents got married to one another.

I put up a geeklist, but didn't manage to get an actual post together for here.

I hadn't realized how many people I consider "core" to my weekly Game Night gatherings until we gathered at the wedding for this photo. Not pictured? Ron, Brian, Jason, Jason, Ellen, Eric, Duane, and Devin. Off the top of my head. And there are other people I know I'm overlooking.

In person, I often talk about family - I believe that there are two kinds of family: Family of Blood and Family of Choice. Pictured here is a good-sized chunk of my Family of Choice, and we're about to lose the presence of both Jim and Dawn as they move to Bakersfield.

Congratulations to Dawn and Jim. We'll miss you here in the Seattle Area, but I think they probably need you in Bakersfield.

Either way, I'll see you online.

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