Wednesday, February 25, 2009

January 22nd Tournament Outcome

Dungeon Twister Tournament 2/22
We had a Dungeon Twister tournament on Sunday. Ten people turned out - Ben, Bob, Chris, Eric, Gahan, James, Natalina, Nick, Sammy and Shoe.

James and Shoe had never played before. They showed up about an hour early to learn to play. Bob was early for some warmup. Chris was late, but we'd expecteed that so it didn't set us behind.

We started at about 2:30, and played until there was a clear winner - four rounds. The software we used (Swiss Perfect) would have run us for two more rounds, but at that point we had a clear winner and we were running out of time. Here are the pairings and scores for each round:
Round One:
Bob vs. Ben = Ben 5/4
Eric vs. Shoe = Eric 5/3
Nick vs. Gahan = Gahan 5/1
Sammy vs. James = James 6/4
Chris vs. Natalina = Chris 5/0

Round Two:
Gahan vs. Ben = Ben 5/4
James vs. Chris = James 4/3 (Incomplete due to time)
Bob vs. Eric = Eric 6/0
Shoe vs. Sammy = Shoe 5/2
Natalina vs. Nick = Nick 5/0

Round Three:
Eric vs. James = Eric 5/1
Ben vs. Shoe = Ben 5/3
Chris vs. Gahan = Gahan 5/1
Nick vs. Bob = Nick 5/0
Sammy vs. Natalina = Natalina 5/4

Round Four:
Eric vs. Ben = Ben 5/4
James vs. Nick = Nick 5/1
Gahan vs. Natalina = Gahan 5/2
Chris vs. Shoe = Chris 7/2
Bob vs. Sammy = Bob 5/1
As I said: A clear winner. Well played, Ben.

Gahan is my most regular opponent. He's played more DT than nearly anyone else, and I was surprised when he lost to Ben. Several of the games had lopsided scores but were extremely close until the last turn or two.

I tried very hard not to pay close attention to games I was not in - I didn't want to learn too much about what to expect from my opponents.

This is the largest turnout we've had for DT in the store. Lessons learned:
1) With more than eight players, we need to go to forty minute rounds. We did sixty minute rounds, and could have squeezed in another round or two had they been shorter. It means more games would have been incomplete, but thats not unacceptable. We probably should also have started without Chris.
2) With ten playes, the software may want to go for seven rounds. I think it depends on how the rounds go.
3) Even experienced players may have missed a rule or two. At least one player had missed the fact that you can jump around a corner and that you can place on Rotation Gears when a room is revealed.

All in all, we had a good time. Thanks to Ben and Nick for coming up from Seattle, and to the rest of you for showing up.

I hope to have another one in May. And this time, the English expansions will be in the mix.


  1. So was this vanilla dungeon twister?

  2. Yes, it was vanilla DT.

    In May, I'll have another tourney, and this time I am committed to using expansions.

  3. It was a lot of fun and gave me a new appreciation for some of the older characters. I now use the wizard more than i had in the past and i still don't use the warrior that much :)