Sunday, February 08, 2009

Gaming Online

I keep talking about how I'm tracking games played online this year, but I haven't talked about why or where, yet. This is to remedy that.

First of all, the why:

As my friend Brian commented in my last post, he doesn't track games online because he sees gaming as (first and foremost) a social activity. So the act of tracking games played where I can't see my opponents must seem rather odd to him. And if Brian thinks its odd, he's probably not alone.

I, also, see boardgaming as being a social activity. Most of the time. The important exception to this rule is tournament play, where the social aspect (while still present) takes a back seat to the competetive aspect of gaming. I consider "rated" or "ranked" play to be comparable to tournament play. Many of the places I game online, my performance is being rated.

That said, here is where I play online and why I'm counting the games played. I've included a photo of one of the games features on that site for most of them.

Neuroshima Hex
Neuroshima Hex Online: There's only one game here, but it's rapidly become one of my favorites. Neuroshima Hex Online allows me to play with people around the world - and it's rated, so I know exactly how well I stack up. I'm also becoming familiar with many of the players, as it's the same faces over and over - so the social aspect of the site is growing for me.

Settlers on XBox Live
XBox Live: There are a growing number of board games available on XBox Live. I can do casual play with my friends, or rated/ranked play with whoever happens to join. There are some very good games here, too - this page has a partial listing.

Power Grid
BrettspielWelt: It's mostly in German, but there are a lot of very good games here, and most of them have been translated into English as well. Check this list. That page also has some excellent resources for people getting started - BSW is not easy to navigate. BSW also rates your play - not with a strict number, but it tracks games played. There is a definite social aspect to the site, as well - the more games you play, the more people you meet, and the more social you'll tend to become.

GameTable Online:
Sorry, but I don't have any pictures of any of the games they feature on GTO. GameTable Online is in English, and you earn points by playing. Here is a list of the games features on GTO.

DT Online: Game 2
Dungeon Twister Online: Sorry, but no link. It's a closed beta. It's all about the social aspect for me. Well, and learning new strategies. It's also 100% in French.

There are other online gaming portals out there - and some of them are excellent. But these are the locations in which I play.


  1. I'm with Brian. I only add plays to games that I have played face to face. If I added online plays then things would look very different, plus I like to know how many times I have played games that I own, rather than ones that I would like to.

    Neuroshima hex looks good, I wouldn't mind giving that one a go but I know nothing about the rules.
    If you fancy helping a noob with his first couple of games I would appreciate it.

  2. I'd love to talk you through a few games. :) Just keep in mind that I'm GMT -8, here. You're much closer time-wise to the majority of the players.

    Grab the English rules (check the BGG Rules Wiki for a handy link).

    Are you on Skype, by chance?