Thursday, August 15, 2013

Day One

So.  Day One.

I ran tournaments.  All day.

Tomorrow, the Seasons tournament is the semifinal.  The finals are on Saturday.  Instead of seven tables of four, it'll be two tables of three.

Tomorrow, the Formula D tournament is ... the semifinal.  Instead of three tables of nine, it'll be two tables of six.  The finals are on Saturday.

Tomorrow, both 7 Wonders tournaments will be qualifiers.  The finals are on Sunday.  I'll probably have the full number of people there.

One of the goals of having me run tournaments this year is apparently getting feedback from me.  Because my general feedback last year was apparently good, so they are hoping my tournament-related feedback will be on target as well.

After the tournaments today, I ... went back to the same room and played more games.

TWO of the 7 Wonders games today were tied at the end.  One game had two players with 51 points each and four players at 47 points each.

The most points I saw scored in the science category was 55.  But that player had nothing else and a final score of 59 (which was not enough to advance).

Tomorrow is expected to be more of the same.

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