Sunday, August 18, 2013


I've been very impressed with the level of sportsmanship I've seen in the tournaments here at GenCon.  Several tournaments had new players, and the experienced players at their table were willing to step up and coach them - sometimes to their own detriment.  I didn't see (or hear about) any new players receiving bad information or poor advice.

I told a few new players that I can help them with rules, but I can't give them any strategic advice.  At one point when I told someone this, someone across the table said, "If you want advice, your play doesn't affect mine directly, and I can help."

During the Formula D finals, all four players were on a map that was new to them, and one player misread the first curve as a one-stop curve instead of as a two-stop (experienced Formula D players are now cringing).  He lived through the curve - barely - but was effectively eliminated from contention at that point.  Rather than complaining, he soldiered on, only to have some of the worst dice luck I have ever seen at that game.  And he grumbled a bit, but he kept going.  Another player managed to wipe out, and he ended up taking third.

I saw similar degrees of sportsmanship at nearby tournaments and tables, as well.

And we were able to demonstrate some sportsmanship ourselves.  One of the 7 Wonders tournament finalists had something come up and he had to leave the show early.  All of the tournament finalists have earned a (really nice) plaque, and he was able to let me know he had to bail.  I dragged him back to the booth and was able to get his prize to him with no hassle.  "Just be sure to get his picture," I was told.

No problem. Done:

Congrats on your win, Brian.  I hope we see you next year.

I wasn't alone in running tournaments for Asmodee this year - Ben (who was new to the team) was assigned to the tournaments as well.  "He's your runner," is what I was told - but he did a hell of a lot more than that.  Ben was a very strong addition to the team, and is an extremely nice guy, to boot.

There are a few new folks on the team this year, and I was introduced to most of them.  I assume they're doing well, but I honestly don't know for sure, as I've been running tournaments.

Most of last year's team is back, too.  Louis and Kimberly continue to be really neat people.  Joel and Marie-Eve are a real riot.  Giancarlo is one of the funniest people it has ever been my pleasure to interact with.  I miss interacting with Matt just a bit - I'm sorry he couldn't make it.  And I miss Andrew, too, but there's apparently some sort of story as to why he isn't back.

Today, I'll actually be in the booth instead of running tournaments (After this morning's 10 am 7 Wonders finale - which is in the booth).  I'm looking forward to an increased degree of interaction with people.

Tonight, after the exhibit hall closes, we'll tear down the booth and then we have a team dinner.

... and then we're done.  Until next year.

I've heard a few of next year's plans, and I'm already excited.

But I probably shouldn't say anything yet.

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