Saturday, August 17, 2013


Today failed to kill me.

I've learned the difference between being in the booth as a Demo Monkey and running tournaments:


When running tournaments, I can actually spend some time sitting down.

There are other differences - in a demo situation, I have to teach from scratch.  In a tournament situation, it's assumed that everyone knows how to play already.  In fact, I was only called in for rules questions a small handful of times the entire weekend.  Because nearly everyone knew what they were doing.

So with the tournaments, I deal with more people, but there is less interaction.

I actually prefer the interaction.

My wife hit on the Best Thing Ever this year - and I have zero idea why we hadn't thought of it sooner:

Cough drops.

We spend hours talking and talking and talking.  Cough drops help soothe the throat.

It's also possible (probable even) that she'd mentioned it earlier and I'd somehow missed it.

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