Saturday, August 17, 2013

Last Night

Last night, I was getting ready to head back to my hotel room and crash, when David Miller of Purple Pawn wandered by.  I've been reading Purple Pawn since they launched (it really is a very good news source for hobby gamers), and I first met David at his first GenCon, when I was demoing Senji.

Since then, he and I meet and spend some time chatting every year, and it has become traditional for him to be in the booth when the show closes.

We had a good chat, played a quick game of Augustus (which is surprisingly good even at 2am when you are too tired to think), and then I headed back to the hotel to crash.

Today is the Formula D tournament finals, and two more 7 Wonders qualifiers.

So far this weekend, I have run one Seasons tournament from start to finish, the prelims and semifinals for Formula D, and four 7 Wonders qualifiers.  In all that time, we have had one rules issue, and it was minor.

Seasons started with 28 players, Formula D with 27, and 7 Wonders has averaged 32 per qualifier.

Saturday, today.  The Big One.

I'm ... I'm as ready as I'm gonna get.

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